About Us

Welcome to Zero E-Scooters!

We are Jeff and Lisa, a couple with a passion for eco-friendly electric travelling, green innovation and everything that is environmentally friendly! Our experience in riding our E-Scooters has given us an entirely new perspective and has allowed us to explore our local environment taking us to places that we would normally never visit.

In addition to the pure enjoyment and thrill of riding our E-Scooters, our quality of life and health has improved tremendously, including our social interaction with the diverse scooter community that we meet on our travels. 

You will be be reducing your carbon footprint, supporting a fast and cleaner way to travel that eases the burden on the transport network which also allows for social distancing.

Whether you are looking for a fun filled leisure activity or a smile instead of a frown on your daily commute, we hope that our range of E-Scooters inspires you to make that lifestyle change.

Start your electric journey today and we look forward to seeing you soon!